Who is the museum for? Is the museum accessible for strollers and/or wheelchairs? Find your answers here! 
The Museum of Literature and the Children’s Book Museum together form the Stichting Nederlands Literatuurmuseum en Literatuurarchief (Stichting NLL), formerly the Stichting Letterkundig Museum and Documentatiecentrum. The Foundation curates the literary treasure chest of the Netherlands.
Virtually all Dutch writers and illustrators are showcased with manuscripts, letters, children's book illustrations, painted and drawn portraits, photos and many other unique documents and objects. It gives researchers, journalists, biographers and others access to its archives, and it displays documents and objects at exhibitions.
It is also a memberof the boards of various literary organisations, including Stichting P.C.-Hooft price, the Jan Campert-Stichting and the Willem Kloosfonds.
Our museum primarily collects unique documents such as manuscripts, letters, the personal archives of writers, portraits, (children's book) illustrations, objects: virtually everything related to the work and personal lives of Dutch writers.  The museum does not collect any books. It leaves that task to the adjacent KB (National Library). An exception is made for books with extensive assignments, notes, or original illustrations made by the author or illustrator themselves.
Of course. You can consult the archives of Dutch writers and illustrators in the reading room of the Stichting Nederlands Literatuurmuseum en Literatuurarchief. You can find information about this here (Dutch).

In the ticket shop, you select the day of your choice. After you have selected a day, you will see the current availability. Choose the moment that suits you best. The timeslot chosen is your entry time.

The museum can only be visited with a pre-purchased online ticket. This also applies to holders of a Museumkaart or other discount cards. Booking online is easy: go to the ticket shop and choose a date and time.


Yes, it is possible to change your time slot via ticket support. It is not possible to return tickets, so make sure you plan your visit properly! 

Yes, we advise everyone to reserve a ticket online because of the Corona measures. Of course you can still visit the museum for free with a Museumkaart. Do not forget to show your Museumkaart at the cash desk!
You receive your tickets by email. Sometimes it may take a couple of hours before you receive your tickets. If you did not receive an email, check your spam box first. If you did not receive an attachment, contact us via info@literatuurmuseum.nl or call 070-3339666.

The museum does not have its own parking facilities, but there are several parking garages nearby (go here for an overview). All parking in the area is paid. 

Yes, visitors can easily access the museum with a stroller and/or wheelchair. There are lifts and disabled toilets in the building. However, not all parts of the exhibitions are wheelchair accessible.


The museum belongs to and is for everyone. That is why we do everything we can to make the museum easily accessible to all visitors. If you have any questions or tips for us, please email info@literatuurmuseum.nl. We would love to hear from you!

Yes, the museum has a wheelchair-accessible bathroom. 
Only guide dogs are allowed in the museum. 
The whole museum and the museum shop accept PIN, but payment with a credit card is not possible. 

Yes, our register sells Museumkaarten. Please note that it is possible the Museumkaarten are sold out at our cash register. We advise to buy one online.

No, the museum is closed at night. 
We prefer advance notice for visits concerning groups of over 10 people. All museum classes and other educational programmes must be booked in advance. 
Taking photos is permitted, however flash must be disabled. It is not allowed to photograph other visitors or employees.