Until January 7th 2024

2023 Brush Awards

Now on display: the works of the winners of the Silver Brushes and the Golden Brush!

An idiosyncratic look at the history of mankind, an adventure that is a plea for following your dreams and a journey of discovery through the human body: it is all part of the Brushes-exposition in the museum's Gallery.


The Silver Brush Awards are bestowed anually on the best illustrated children's books of the past year. This year eight books were awarded. The original illustrations of these works are on display in the gallery of the museum.


From the compelling portraits by Annet Schaap, to the strong and aptly pictures by Martijn van der Linden and sparkling and layered illustrations by Djenné Fila. Although the styles and subjects of Brush award-winning books vary widely, they have one thing in common: the illustrations are incredible. 


This exhibition shows illustrations by: The Fan Brothers, Djenné Fila, Joëlle Jolivet, Martijn van der Linden, Marieke Nelissen, Annet Schaap, Hanneke Siemensma, and Sydney Smith.


On display until January 7th  2024



Recommended age: 18+


Illustration from Project Barnabus by The Fan Brothers