Writers in Love

An ode to first love. This exhibition is all about the first steps on the road to love for Anna Blaman, Hella S. Haasse and Alma Mathijsen, among others.

Writers are just like people. People who love, whether passionately, timidly or secretly, and whose hearts are broken from time to time. Fortunately, writers have the gift of expressing love in all its beauty, cruelty and complexity in words.

Here the museum will tell various literary love stories that can be found in its collection. Photos, manuscripts and the occasional love letter elucidate love in its various forms, from the unanswered love of S. Vestdijk for Lies Koning and the young love of Hella S. Haasse and Douwe Radsma to the eternal love of Leo Vroman for his wife Tineke.


Recommended age: 18+


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