The museum brings big and small stories from Dutch (children’s) literature to life.

The foundation curates the literary treasure chamber of the Netherlands. Nearly all Dutch writers and illustrators are showcased here, in an impressive collection made up of manuscripts, letters, children’s book illustrations, painted and drawn portraits, photos and many other unique documents and objects.



Who is who


Supervisory Board

Mei Li Vos (chairman)
Yra van Dijk

Martine Schaap

Martijn David

Rashid Azimullah

Marjolein van Breemen


Management team

Aad Meinderts, director

Ingrid Eilander, deputy director/head of Public Affairs and Exhibitions

Valérie Drost, head of Operations

Bertram Mourits, head of Collections

Anne Wegerif, board assistant



ANBI status 


The Museum of Literature / Children’s Book Museum has been granted the so-called Cultural ANBI status by the Dutch tax authority, which means gifts and bequests to the museum are always exempt from gift and inheritance tax. In short, the museum is not required to pay taxes for such gifts and bequests, meaning the full amount thereof can be used to benefit the museum. But the museum is not the only party that benefits! There are also some tax benefits for the giving party. For more information, visit the Dutch tax authority’s website.


Policy plans

Policy plan 2021-2024

Policy plan 2017-2020


Annual reports

Annual report 2021

Annual report 2020

Annual report 2019


Annual accounts

Annual account 2021

Annual account 2020

Annual account 2019

Annual account 2018

Annual account 2017


ANBI form 2021

ANBI form 2020




Stichting Nederlands Literatuurmuseum en Literatuurarchief

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Literature touches people, entertains them, and gives them hope. It contributes to our personal development, stimulates our imagination and creativity, hones our critical eye, strengthens our identities and fosters understanding for others. Literature and literary heritage alike are closely tied to our society and play a significant role in our culture and identity. Literary heritage is an enchanted mirror showing us who we once were, who we are and who we could be, both as individuals and society as a whole.




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