The Gallery

The museum displays five varying, thematic exhibitions and one permanent exhibition in the Gallery. Read more here!

Permanent exhibition


Through special objects, sound fragments, and manuscripts from the archive, the museum gallery displays how literature is woven into our society through themes such as religion, heritage, growing up, sex, fame, and death. View the notes and notebooks where writers have immortalized their first thoughts, hear how Marga Minco and J. C. Bloem read from their own work and look at the pink carnival costume in which Louis Couperus surrendered himself to the ‘schitterende dwaasheid van Nice’ [‘brilliant foolishness of Nice’].


Canon museum

The museum is affiliated with the Canon van Nederland [Canon of the Netherlands]. The Canon lets you pass by 50 windows with people, events, and objects that explain our history together. In the Galery you can find a few key pieces, documents that depict the stories of a few of the 50 windows. 


  • The dossier Fabriekskinderen [Children of the factory] of J.J. Cremer, at the window The Child Protection Act of Van Houten
  • Cahiers of Anton de Kom, at the window Anton de Kom
  • The camp diary of Babs van Wely, at the window World War II
  • The resistance print ‘De achttien dooden’ [‘The eighteen deaths’] of Jan Campert, at the window World War II


Thereby, in the exhibition Annie M.G. Schmidt's Bold and Brassy Kids some of the key pieces are to be found. Do you want to know more about the Canon, key pieces, and activities? Visit

Temporary exhibitions


Yvonne JagtenbergMy home is your home

“That’s exactly what I always try to achieve with a book: stimulate the imagination!” For Children’s Book Week 2023, Yvonne Jagtenberg wrote and illustrated the special Picture Book: Mijn huis is jouw huis (My home is your home). A book about family, and how it can grow when you have a loving attitude to life. With an encompassing message that there is room for everyone if we all make a little effort. The Gallery now shows the original illustrations of the book: Colourful, quirky, and totaly Yvonne Jagtenberg.

On display until January 7th 2024


Writers in Love

An ode to first love. This exhibition shows the first steps on the road to love of writers Anna Blaman, Hella S. Haasse and Alma Mathijsen, and others. 
Writers are like people. This exhibition describes some literary love stories that can be found in the museum's collection. Using photos, manuscripts, and a love letter, the museum shows literary love stories.


Brushes 2023

The Silver Brush Awards are bestowed annually on the best illustrated children’s books of the past year. This year eight books were awarded. The original illustrations of these works are on display in the gallery of the museum. This exbibit shows illustrations by: The Fan Brothers, Djenné Fila, Joëlle Jolivet, Martijn van der Linden, Marieke Nelissen, Annet Schaap, Hanneke Siemensma, and Sydney Smith.

On display until January 7th 2024


The fourth temporary exhibition is 'I'm lucky to be a Frog'. Read more about this exhibition on Max Velthuijs, the father of Frog, here.




Recommended age: 18+