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Literature touches people, entertains them, and gives them hope. It contributes to our personal development, stimulates our imagination and creativity, hones our critical eye, strengthens our identities and fosters understanding for others.

Do you, like the museum, believe in the power of stories and literature? In the importance of literary heritage? Support the museum!


With your support:


•  we can create imaginative (online) exhibitions 
•  we can purchase remarkable literary documents
•  we help a wide and varied public to discover, experience and create stories






Why do we need your support? The subsidies granted to the museum are not enough for us to realise exhibitions that engage the imagination, organise events that are accessible to anyone, expand the Literature Lab or acquire wonderful literary archives. As such, the museum has to raise additional funds for these purposes itself.

If everyone contributes just a little bit, the museum can continue to do what it's good at: gathering our literary heritage, cherishing it and ensuring it stays available to future generations. And, of course, making sure that people of all ages can experience the magic of literary stories.




The Museum of Literature / Children’s Book Museum has been granted the so-called Cultural ANBI status by the Dutch tax authority, which means gifts and bequests to the museum are always exempt from gift and inheritance tax. In short, the museum is not required to pay taxes for such gifts and bequests, meaning the full amount thereof can be used to benefit the museum.


But the museum is not the only party that benefits! There are also some tax benefits for the giving party. For more information, visit the Dutch tax authority’s website