Find out which exhibitions you can visit in the Museum of Literature / Children’s Book Museum. 

14 to 20 years

Back Street

The new exhibition Back Street is a literary adventure for Young Adults. Young people discover, encounter and create stories in order to experience the power of literature....
Until January 7 2024

I’m lucky to be a frog

Max Velthuijs was born 100 years ago, which the museum celebrates with this exhibition. Marvel at his magnificent illustrations....
7 to 10 years

Annie M.G. Schmidt’s Bold and Brassy Kids

A funny exhibition about the rebellious world of Annie M.G. Schmidt, the queen of Dutch children’s literature....
Until September 24 2023

2022 Brush Awards

In honour of Children’s Book Week, the museum is featuring the work of the winners of the Zilveren Penselen and Gouden Penseel awards....

The Gallery

Literature is at the center of the world and at the center of life. The museum shows this in its Gallery, in stories that tell how literature is intertwined with our society....
Until June 25 2023

Annet Schaap – In the Picture

Annet Schaap is a big name in the world of Dutch children’s books. She is the beloved illustrator of the cheerful and distinctive characters in the Hoe overleef ik? (How to Survive) series by Franci...
Until July 2 2023

Ingrid Jonker

On display now: a small exhibition featuring the exceptional collection of South African poet Ingrid Jonker....
0 to 6 years

I am Frog

Enter the world of Frog and his friends and have the most amazing adventures!...
7 to 13 years


Help defeat Ink Gobbler! Arm yourself with your imagination and a Slurper and set out on your adventure....
Until September 3 2023

Love after Auschwitz

Artist Elisa Pesapane painted the triptych Love after Auschwitz on the occasion of the fiftieth birthday of Arnon Grunberg....
0 to 6 years

The Storytime Tent

Come to The Storytime Tent and experience a magical story! ...

Writers in Love

An ode to first love. This exhibition is all about the first steps on the road to love for Anna Blaman, Hella S. Haasse and Alma Mathijsen, among others....
0 to 6 years

ABC with the Animals and Me

Clamber and play as you meet the creatures from your favourite children’s books....
7 to 13 years

Children’s Book Embassy

Visit the Children’s Book Embassy and become ambassador for your favourite book....

Lucebert Mural

Visitors of the museum café in the Museum of Literature can marvel at the enormous mural ‘Afternoon of a Faun’ by poet and artist Lucebert....