Lucebert Mural

Visitors of the museum café in the Museum of Literature can marvel at the enormous mural ‘Afternoon of a Faun’ by poet and artist Lucebert.

‘Afternoon of a Faun’ is one of the most important and imposing works in the archive of the Museum of Literature. This work of art was specially made for the museum by poet and artist Lucebert (1924-1994) in 1983. The artist made it for this specific spot in the knowledge that this space would be used to enjoy food, drinks and festivities. It is the perfect backdrop for the remarkable events hosted by the museum.

The mural reflects Lucebert's personality: extravagant, bohemian, colourful and passionate. What makes this artwork even more exceptional is the fact that it contains a small anthology of Dutch poetry. De Keizer van de Vijftigers (Emperor of Those of the Fifties) introduced a variety of quotes from Dutch literature into his work of art.

Since 2019, visitors can see the work of art in the museum café of the Museum of Literature/Children’s Book Museum, on the ground floor.


Recommended age: 18+