Children’s Book Embassy

Visit the Children’s Book Embassy and become ambassador for your favourite book.

Children’s Book Ambassador

The Netherlands has had a Children’s Book Ambassador as of 2013, who raises awareness for books and impresses upon people the difference reading and being read to can make in the lives of young people.

That’s why the Children’s Book Embassy was set up at the Children’s Book Museum. This wonderful, inspiring place enables everyone to share the magic of stories with one another.


And everyone can become a Book Ambassador themselves! How? By recording a short video explaining why your favourite book is so special, and why everyone should read it. Book Ambassadors also receive a special passport, full of useful, fun tips for making such Book Videos.

If you’re curious about other people’s Book Videos, head to the Children’s Book Ambassador’s website! Some video's are in English.


  • Exhibithion in Dutch and English!

  • Share the magic of stories

  • Make your own Book Video


Recommended age: 7 to 13 years




This exhibition is funded by: Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap, Stichting Max Velthuijs, Fonds 1818, De Versterking en Maaike van Holsbergen-Blok.