Until March 3 2024

I’m lucky to be a frog

Max Velthuijs was born 100 years ago, which the museum celebrates with this exhibition. Marvel at his magnificent illustrations.

‘The next day he came across a frog.’ With these words, Frog made his entry into Dutch children’s literature in 1983. He continues to be loved to this day. With seemingly effortless simplicity, Max Velthuijs managed to depict everyday things and emotions such as friendship, falling in love and sadness in words and pictures. In addition to the successful children's exhibition I am Frog, the museum now presents this tribute to Velthuijs.


I’m lucky to be a frog shows how Velthuijs developed his unique style and how he evolved from advertising artist to children's book illustrator. Gradually, the robustness in his work made way for softer colours and lines. Velthuijs once said: ‘What I do belongs in a book, and should be used and seen. I don’t paint to hang in a museum.’ Still, his centenary provides a great occasion to show his illustrations in a museum.


2023 The Year of Frog

Max Velthuijs was born 100 years ago, which is why the museum is celebrating, together with the Max Velthuijs Foundation and Publisher Leopold. With this exhibition, a festive anthology full of wonderful stories and much more.


Recommended age: 18+