Who is Frog?

Who is Frog? is a fun, interactive lesson based on the book Frog is Frog.

For Preschool

Number of students



1 adult in 5 children


90 minutes


€4,00 per pupil, supervisors can join free of charge

Working method

Traditional and in small groups


It is recommended that classes read a book about Frog before the visit, especially if the children aren’t familiar with the character.

In this story, Frog feels great about himself until discovers that he can’t bake a cake, fly or read. What can he do? Through this story, children learn what Frog and his friends are capable of, what they themselves are capable of, and how important it is to feel good about yourself. And of course, they’ll also get to enjoy the I am Frog exhibition.



Children enjoy the exhibition and think about their own identity, self-confidence and the importance of knowledge and skills.


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