A Letter for Monkey

As part of The Hague’s Cultuurmenu programme, the Children’s Book Museum provides special lessons for groups 1 and 2. One of these lessons is A Letter for Monkey, which accompanies the exhibition ABC with the animals and me.

For group 1/2

Number of students



1 adult in 5 children


75 minutes


€5,00 per pupil, supervisors can join free of charge

Working method

Traditional and in small groups


No preperation required

The lesson starts with a story in which Monkey has received a letter that he can’t read. Can the children help him? Throughout the exhibition, the children discover their own reading ability and help Monkey read his letter.



Early literacy is stimulated in a fun and playful way, and the children learn that cultural heritage institutions help build collections.


Advance booking is required for all educational programmes! For more information and reservations, please contact us via groepsbezoek@kinderboekenmuseum.nl or 070 - 333 9631.



A Letter for Monkey is part of the Cultuurmenu, The Hague’s heritage education project in which eighteen participating museums and cultural institutions provide lessons for local schoolchildren.


If you represent a school in The Hague and you’d like more information on the Cultuurmenu programme, you can contact the Bureau Cultuurmenu. Schools outside The Hague region can book this lesson directly via the Children’s Book Museum.