Journey through storyland

Take your class on an exciting journey through the literary storyland Papiria.

For group 4/5/6

Number of students



1 adult in 5 children


120 minutes


€5,00 per pupil, supervisors can join free of charge

Working method

Traditional and in small groups


No preperation required

As the children wander through the Valley of Deep Thought and the Ravine of Stubborn Rascals, they’ll discover all kinds of stories, characters and writers. Throughout the exhibition, they’ll collect words and design their own story character, which they’ll use in the workshop to create their own story, poem or illustration. This lesson is all about the power of the imagination.


Children experience the richness of stories and discover the elements needed to create them. They are stimulated to use their imagination and translate their ideas into words or images. This lesson is in line with the core objectives of Dutch and artistic orientation.


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